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Peter Houillon, CEO, Kaplan Professional UK, Kaplan Peter Houillon, CEO, Kaplan Professional UK
Leaders do not only lead but transform their people into high-performance teams. They coach and facilitate their teams to work together to achieve higher productivity. They do not walk ahead of them nor whip them from behind; the leaders work alongside their teams. Thus, in a thriving, forward-looking company, visionary leadership is the senior management’s responsibility and those with a less senior managerial and supervisory role. And that is why Kaplan is here to help.

Kaplan provides leadership development programs and training to help executives, managers, and supervisors develop skills necessary to lead organizations successfully and develop their team and effectively coach the team members. From an e-learning perspective, the company provides customized training on many topics related to leadership development. In addition, Kaplan’s software has various built-in tools based on behavioural science to assist managers in becoming better leaders by understanding the individuals and the dynamics that exist within a team. For team Kaplan, it’s all about recognizing the precise needs of every individual within an organization and delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

Through a collaborative approach, its learning solutions address key challenges facing its clients’ organization and align training investments with a commercial strategy. The framework of Kaplan’s programs uniquely integrates the critical ingredients of leadership and professional development at different levels: New Hires, First Time Managers, Emerging Leaders, and Senior Executives.
Kaplan works with its client’s unique objectives at each level to offer specialized and targeted programs to help them develop and enrich employee skills that impact performance. Through a range of diagnostic tools and assessments, tailored programs, sales leadership training, and digital learning academies, the company successfully helps to design targeted solutions that trigger, support, and embed contextual learning. The ultimate focus of Kaplan’s design is to empower employees to make better decisions that impact the business, driving commercial success for any organization.

relevant and accurate information about their existing leadership shortcomings and the kind of development programs required to overcome these deficiencies, Kaplan ensures the future readiness of these employees. The company introduces various leadership concepts to employees and assesses their knowledge retention so that the training and information are retained on an ongoing basis. These capabilities are further bolstered by Kaplan’s expertise and experience in behavioural science, competency management, performance reviews, 360-degree feedback surveys, succession planning, and more.

The gamut of add-ons is truly endless with Kaplan. The company even delivers premium assessments tools for best-in-class learning outcomes, which empowers companies to extend their training programs to a broader audience and professional learning dashboard services. In addition, placing client satisfaction above everything, Kaplan is available 24/7 through different contact mediums to answer any queries related to their products, services, and implementation.

In the coming days, the company will continue to improve their product suite through next-gen enhancements and further expand their reach worldwide. Given the fourth industrial revolution, an economy driven by sky-high consumer expectations and the need for leaders to always stay on their toes and keep up with the fast-paced digital world, Kaplan is indeed the bridge to the future of work, learning, and leadership development.
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London, UK

Peter Houillon, CEO, Kaplan Professional UK

Kaplan provides leadership development programs and training to help executives, managers, and supervisors develop skills necessary to lead organizations successfully and develop their team and effectively coach the team members. For over 70 years Kaplan has been training students to be the very best they can be. The company teaches approximately 45,000 students every year, guiding them through AAT, ACCA, CIMA, ACA as well as banking and finance courses such as CFA, IOC, IMC, CISI and Excel. Working as a team, with its students and subject experts, Kaplan deliver courses and materials that are fit for purpose. Its award winning study methods are a tribute to the teams that consistently strive to deliver world-class courses to future finance professionals. Operating in over 30 countries, Kaplan has become one of the leading education providers in the world