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Jochen Hekker, Founder, LiDRSJochen Hekker, Founder
It is well accepted that good leadership can make even the impossible seem possible, but the road to achieving it is not the easiest to tread on. Although several solution providers offer effective training guidelines for aspiring leaders, very few have been able to crack the mantra to the ‘101 of leadership.’ Successful leadership guidance should base its modus operandi on the firm foundation of systematic research. Driven by this conviction, Jochen Hekker, established LiDRS after launching a book on leadership called ‘Leading up, down and across,’ which was an instant success. Hekker used his experience as a former navy officer and business engineer to develop a leadership model that can be used as a reference for leadership development. Customers from the maritime industry started implementing his training and philosophy to sharpen their leadership skills. Today, LiDRS is a modern-age leadership training and consultancy company that leverages intensive training and coaching modules to offer an approach that helps develop better business leaders and improve operational performance.

The LiDRS Model

After studying leaders for many years, Hekker wondered what distinctive skills and traits that the leaders have, which make other people to follow them. Based on thorough research, he zeroed in on six essential skills of an inspiring leader which are the “Key Leadership Features” (KLF) of LiDRS’ philosophy and working model. These features include guiding, observed, diplomatic, mental, social, and action features. The model can now be used as a 360 degrees feedback instrument, which is a SaaS solution that gives clients more insight into their strengths and weaknesses, displays trends in leadership development, stimulates self-directed learning. Above all, the solution is easy and fun to use with many possibilities.

For HR and senior management, the SaaS solution aggregates data to see trends per business unit across the company. On top of this, LiDRS’ solutions ends articles, podcasts, videos tailored to each company’s leadership development needs. The model also gives insight in development on areas such as emotional Intelligence, and operational excellence leadership, and ownership. Besides, the client’s existing leadership models can easily be integrated into the LiDRS-model SaaS solution. The company is now focusing on developing the next stage of the LiDRS-model. “Not only are we focusing on leadership development, 360 degrees feedback but also on self-directed learning. The LiDRS-model is being updated to the 2020 requirements such as an easy to use the platform, lots of animations and many data analyses,” says Hekker.

With LiDRS’ model gaining momentum in the market, the company has also brought forth a Crew Management Training (CRM) module, designed exclusively to help Seafarers and aircrew solve issues pertaining to communication, work environment, group behaviour, teamwork, and leadership. More importantly, it guides seafarers and aircrew on building resilience and managing stress. Currently, this course is also being extended to business organisations, owing to its astounding results and efficiency.

Powered by the LiDRS model is the company’s Masterclass Leadership, which is a one-day, high impact class on leadership essentials. The company also offers a basic 2-day leadership course for managers and leaders and a LiDRS Practitioner Program, a six-day highly intensive leadership program with a continuous learning approach. This training can also be given in-house for as many as 6 participants. After passing the LiDRS Practitioner Program, leaders can participate in LiDRS Master Program, a 3-day course focusing on improving leadership training and coaching skills.

LiDRS is a modern-age leadership development company that leverages intensive training, coaching modules and consultancy services to offer an advanced approach that helps develop better business leaders and increase operational performance

“From a strong belief in continuous learning, we then developed a Practitioner Program that enables participants to boost knowledge and increase leadership experience in an intensive training package,” says Hekker. Not only is this helpful for the future pool of trainers and consultants, but it is also beneficial for companies to reduce cost on the hiring of trainers and consultants. The company helps clients develop their leadership development team. Working across various sectors, Hekker’s LiDRS is widely recognised as a trusted leadership coach. The company’s courses and workshops on team training, leadership development, and communications are, in fact, popular among organisations for their unconventional yet impactful coaching and mentoring style.

Boasting Organisational Performance with LiDRS Consultancy

Besides its high impact trainings and leadership, LiDRS also boosts organisational and team performance with LiDRS consultancy. “With our consulting services, we aim to enhance our client’s leadership skills, knowledge, and experience,” states Hekker. By recommending simple-to-do corrective steps, LiDRS’ experts have successfully enabled clients to reimagine their approach to leadership. “We focus on improving client’s current human capital and tailor the organisation for the best fit,” adds Hekker. Client organisations with an operational mindset with high priority SHEQ-requirements such as process industry, offshore, maritime, airlines, can gain maximum benefit from LiDRS consultancy. “All our training and consultancy projects are supported by our LiDRS-model,” states Hekker.

Being a reputed leadership consultant, LiDRS has helped innumerable aspiring individuals to hone their skills through its wide-arrayed services. During one of such consulting stint, LiDRS was approached by a company to revise their maritime crew training program. Prior to engaging with LiDRS, the training program was badly rated by its trainees. “We stepped in to review the training material and inculcate leadership in a different manner,” says Hekker. Now, the leadership course is highly effective and is well-received by everyone. “This was a huge success for both of us, and we shall forever remain proud of that partnership as it widened both of our horizons,” he adds.

With the aim of looking at ways to improve leadership and team performance, LiDRS is currently working for a major real estate development company to model business processes, create structure in meetings, organisational charts, and other technical elements. Besides drafting courses for the organisation, the company will look at improving human capital. Another example is that of a steel company for which the company created a leadership compass based on elements from LiDRS model, to mentor managers to improve the team and operational performance. “We created a tailor-made compass including a quick reference booklet, short and inspiring training sessions per team, mentoring on the job that looked at leadership, teamwork and ownership,” says Hekker.

Displaying such prowess in the leadership training domain, Hekker believes that his company has the potential to strengthen the building block of any organisation. Advancing with this determination, Hekker says, “We aim to hit the right notes and bring tangible results.” With all the strategies in place for future expansion, LiDRS is ready to conquer the global leadership training and consultancy market while architecting influential leaders along the way.

LiDRS has recently launched a white paper called ‘10 tips for effective and sustainable leadership’ on its website, which is available for download free of cost.
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Jochen Hekker, Founder

The creation of leadership starts with personal development. LiDRS's supportive coaches direct users through this. Man is their emphasis, a state of the main framework. Saving, reorganizing, implementing, and handling them can introduce a level of efficiency to the management. For this, LiDRS gives users a full definition to learn the meaning of being a strong leader. LiDRS has integrated their knowledge and skills in a book, a template, and different learning and coaching courses. Customers in LiDRS should find a powerful organization that knows what to do. They reflect personal attention, enjoyment, and assured leadership qualities growth