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Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies In Europe - 2019

The need for a well-thought leadership development program/strategy has never been direr. With the rise of collaborative platforms and organisational design that emphasizes individual initiative, employees across the board are driving consequential decisions that align with corporate goals and culture. Evidently, these employees must be equipped with the relevant technical and communication skills. From promoting workforce engagement, hiring the right talent, and redesigning management infrastructure to improving the quality of coaching and driving a culture of agility, organisations need to step up and cover these leadership trends with the aid of the latest technologies.

Considering the changing phase of the leadership development landscape, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe 2019 that are reshaping the realm of leadership development and are empowering transformative leaders.

HR Tech Outlook is honoured to feature Denmark-based Global Mindset on its annual list of Leadership Development Coaching Companies. As the name goes, Global Mindset’s world-class digital learning programmes help unleash the true potential of global leaders and teams, thereby empowering businesses to enhance their profit quotient. Included in the list is eCoachPro, whose GDPR compliant coaching platform and international coaching powerhouse creates a natural learning environment. On the other hand, Germany-based Dan Norenberg guides candidates in acquiring a transformational growth process through a strategic leadership procedure.

For CoachHub, however, the trick lies in its mobile coaching cloud platform, which facilitates a comprehensive coaching approach and framework. Asterys orchestrates powerful individual and cultural transformations with the aid of strategic top team alignment, executive and team coaching, customized leadership and coaching training programmes, and initiatives that foster a sustainable self-transforming and learning culture.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these training/coaching companies are constantly proving their mettle in the leadership development space. We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies in Europe 2019”

Top Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies In Europe

Asterys is a global organizational development firm. The firm partners with its clients to generate powerful individual and cultural transformations through strategic top team alignment, executive and team coaching, customized leadership and coaching training programmes, and initiatives that foster a sustainable self-transforming and learning culture. Asterys is a network of Executive Coaches and Facilitators of transformation who love to create meaningful partnerships with its clients and to enable them to transform their way of thinking, their way of being and their organizations. The firm’s goal is to unlock its clients’ full potential and amplify the impact they have in the world

Coachub, with its innovative digital business-coaching platform and a coaching app, offers a new and interactive way to impart coaching. The company, with its mobile coaching cloud platform, provides a comprehensive coaching approach and framework. The platform uses the latest research from behavioural scientists and positive psychology to develop a sustainable and effective coaching approach to have a positive impact on a personal and organisational level. CoachHub app, both for iOS and Android, provides an interface for the employees (coachees) to meet their coach. To get the best match, the coaches are matched via an AI-based algorithm

Dan Norenberg enhances leadership quality and organizational efficiency via Executive Ownershift ®, his innovative development method for executive teams. Dan's role as a trusted advisor, trainer, and the skilled speaker is to allow operational managers and their corporations to perform at their best. Dan's work begins with the executive management committee as they are the company's behavioral and efficiency measuring stick. It is crucial for leaders to see themselves as the starting point of change and growth when they want to improve their business continuity

DierkeHouben Leadership Partners is a premier leadership development and coaching company that helps C-suite executives and top talents of large and mid-sized organizations across industries to grow into Conscious Leaders. Headed by Dr. Kai Dierke and Dr. Anke Houben, both leaders have two decades of business and leadership coaching experience. The company focuses on shaping C-level leaders of tomorrow who embody an ambitious professional will, personal humbleness, and a willingness to transform themselves as well as their teams and organisations to thrive in times of disruption. DierkeHouben translates a broad portfolio of the latest leadership thinking into practical impact, which is customized for each client

eCoachPro has designed a methodology, a GDPR compliant coaching platform and international coaching powerhouse to facilitate the natural way people learn. The company specialises in providing innovative leadership development programs which are powered by its academically supported methodology coupled with blended coaching. The learning programs are made up of modern training formats, learning and virtual check-ins, creating a continuous and personalised learning journey for the participants. Along with onsite training modules and virtual check-ins, a typical eCoachPro program has continuity in between the training modules, use an online learning platform, assignments with continuous blended coaching throughout the program

A leadership development consultancy that offers services and digital learning programs to unlock the true potential of global leaders, teams and organisations. Through its digital learning platform titled Nemo, Global Mindset offers a range of digital learning programs and experiential, situation-specific workshops and coaching sessions. Nemo offers a catalogue of engaging courses through which leaders can develop soft skills in either single classes or bundles. The Nemo library consists of webinars, premium programs, HR tools, workplace essentials, and other enriching content. Each program can be adjusted to the specific needs and the transformational roadmap of an organisation

The creation of leadership starts with personal development. LiDRS's supportive coaches direct users through this. Man is their emphasis, a state of the main framework. Saving, reorganizing, implementing, and handling them can introduce a level of efficiency to the management. For this, LiDRS gives users a full definition to learn the meaning of being a strong leader. LiDRS has integrated their knowledge and skills in a book, a template, and different learning and coaching courses. Customers in LiDRS should find a powerful organization that knows what to do. They reflect personal attention, enjoyment, and assured leadership qualities growth

Savannah Group

Savannah Group

Savannah is a multinational search and interim management company. Specializing in positions at the level of C-Suite and Ceo, their mission is to inspire teams of business leaders and provide a better outcome to clients to candidates. Savannahjob isn't just about having a senior leader on paper that looks good. They make an effort to understand how the recruitment of talent blends into the broader picture and figure out the exceptional leaders who are perfect for both the pressures of today and the prospects of the future

Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership

The Strategic Leadership Group, by proactive leadership and successful execution of policy, works with managers to drive business performance. They feel that if representatives are more mindful of themselves and how they affect both the individual around them and their society, they can create more sustainable solutions to help everyone. In this direction, they are contributing to a better community because they help representatives improve the way they govern. Without planning, awareness is just a legitimate grievance. The Strategic Leadership Group is enthusiastic about cultivating strategic leaders that are genuine and goal-driven

The Oxford Group

The Oxford Group

The Oxford Group builds executives' and leaders' abilities, attitudes, and mindsets to provide them with the resources they need to solve essential organizational problems and help their companies grow. They believe that humans who want to do a great job show up to work, and everyone has a massive, untapped talent that needs to be harnessed and managed adequately by the authorities. For almost 30 years, the Oxford Group has acquired in-depth knowledge of the work lifecycle and learners ' needs as they progress through their careers, helping them to help, plan and execute initiatives at different organizational levels.