Coaching to Empower: Empowering Leaders to Constantly Evolve

Marly Teunissen, Founder, Coaching to EmpowerMarly Teunissen, Founder
Today, social media is filled with hundreds of thousands of articles meant to guide aspirants on ‘What makes a good leader?’ or ‘the top 10 leadership guidelines one must emulate.’ But are these guidelines getting the formula right? Most of the leadership development programs, although stimulating, do not touch upon the personal development of leaders outside the organisational needs; it only addresses the tip of the iceberg.

According to MarlyTeunissen, a premier leadership development coach, such inert approaches are most often the reason why firms fail to nurture future leaders. Successful leadership guidance should base its methodology on creating a vision and defined strategy. “This will enable leaders to move between transactional, transformational, and situational leadership,” opines Marly. Driven by this conviction, Marly established Coaching to Empower. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Coaching to Empower helps companies operate ‘below the iceberg waterline,’ and address all the elements that drive leaders’ behaviour, including their needs, values, emotions, and thinking patterns. The goal was to create a company that helps organisations engage better, align and nurture more trustful relations, and deliver great outcomes together. “Coaching to Empower is your partner in evolving your company and yourself. We empower and facilitate our clients to be the best version of what they have in mind,” comments Marly.

Her motivation stemmed from a simple question. When Marly was working as a senior HR manager at Heineken International, her HR director once asked: “So Marly, how does your future look like?” This changed Marly’s life forever as it helped discover her love for building successful business leaders and organisations. To that end, Marly joined a leadership coaching course and earned her accreditation in coaching. Going the extra mile, she also did a four-year bachelor’s degree in psychotherapy, after the completion of which Marly combined her leadership coaching and psychotherapy knowledge to offer more extraordinary results to clients.

Coaching to Empower—as the name suggests—is empowering leadership teams to accelerate organisational change. The firm works with clients in defining their problem statement and identifying opportunities to increase self-awareness while changing mindsets and frameworks for fostering sustainable behavioural shifts.

Coaching to Empower is your partner in evolving your company and yourself. We empower and facilitate our clients to be the best version of what they have in mind

Marly believes that individuals can be successful if they function in their areas of expertise. Therefore, her approach combines patience and care with thoroughness and speed to help managers identify the positive attributes of their team members in order to make the most of growth opportunities. Marly notes, “Our leadership development program is specifically designed based on an organisation’s goals and strategies to offer them long-term benefits.” To this extent, Coaching to Empower carefully examines the people’s everyday actions and interactions while supporting the more in-depth analysis of their underlying beliefs, thoughts, challenges, and aspirations.

At the same time, Coaching to Empower goes above and beyond with its consulting and advisory services. The company empowers the clients with a proven step-by-step approach and offers all the resources and training they need to make their organisation‘ change-ready.’ Coaching to Empower provides a multitude of team development events based on tasks, personality, and preferences to build the cultural awareness of virtual and international teams. What’s more? The company uses the popular psychometric tool—Insights Discovery. Based on Jungian psychology, Insights Discovery can be used for individual performance development or broader team development. It provides increased self-awareness for individuals looking at self-development, and improves communication, decision-making, and ultimately performance.

Further substantiating the company’s prowess, Marly narrates a case in point, wherein, the German subsidiary of a leading European bottling company approached Coaching to Empower. In their bid to maximise the effect of digitalisation, the client realised the importance of their employees’ behavioural patterns. Coaching to Empower partnered with a premier IT solutions provider to carry out comprehensive development programs, including a technical process workshop and a cultural transformation workshop. Coaching to Empower’s detailed training plans enabled the client to achieve outstanding results within a period of nine months.

With many similar success stories, Coaching to Empower is poised to bring a world of difference to the leadership development landscape. And to stay relevant in the ever-changing industry, the company also keeps itself up-to-date with the latest leadership development trends. “We believe that leaders are the greatest assets in any company, so we are continuously improving our approach to support them better in steering a positive change,” concludes Marly.
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Coaching to Empower

Coaching to Empower

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marly Teunissen, Founder

Coaching to Empower makes an impact by facilitating employees to evolve. Every business aspires to have individuals that work effectively with others resulting in greater performance. Leaders can only get results through team members interacting with each other and the customer brilliantly. Team working can sometimes be challenging to achieve—communication, geography, diversity, and alignment of goals can pose problems. We appreciate that each team, regardless of its size, is unique—a combination of unique individuals within a unique context. Therefore our team development events are designed and delivered in response to the expected outcomes and the starting state of the team