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Dan Norenberg, Founder & CEO, Dan NorenbergDan Norenberg, Founder & CEO
The year-end reports arrive.

They are no different from the previous year.

“Sales are in the pits, absenteeism is at an all-time high, those that come to work are not engaged, everyone is stressed, and there is no cooperation between departments.”

This is the dismal situation of many enterprises across the spectrum.

One is only left to wonder, “What does it take for executive teams and their organizations to play at their best?”

Maybe it is time to call Dan Norenberg.

With the idea that business growth begins in the executive team, the much sought after executive advisor, coach, consultant, professional speaker and industry veteran with 40 years of experience, Dan Norenberg designs and delivers breakthrough learning experiences for executive leadership teams.

His brainchild, the transformational growth process, Executive Ownershift®, is a game-changer that follows a top down, team learning approach, with ideas that are stimulating and highly beneficial for C-Suite professionals. His approach enables top executive teams to lead the change they expect in others and cascade their learnings down to strategic and work floor functional teams. This creates strategic clarity, higher engagement and better strategic execution on agreed upon business priorities.

“Leadership is a team endeavor, and it is no longer enough to have one or two stars in an organization. It is about building cohesive teams of leaders throughout the enterprise, both at the executive and functional level,” asserts Norenberg. He goes on to say, “Current leadership development initiatives are too individualistic, and concentrate on an age-old theory that a heroic soloist is going to save a company or steer it to high ground.”
To handle this corrigible situation, Dan works personally with executive and strategic leadership teams to help them unleash their true potential. Leadership teams, under Norenberg’s tutelage, are equipped with the knowledge and behavioral patterns that aid in the development of prime business policies and strategies that bring accelerated growth and profits to their organization.

Strategic leadership teams gain the momentum to focus on the unique value contribution they bring to their organization personally. Dan ensures that these professionals have the clarity to utilize their work experience and achieve business goals that cater to the stakeholders’ requirements as well as maintain parity with all stipulated protocols of the modern digitally enabled age.

“I help them put together a systematic and personal follow-through so that they can experience the change in improvement and results they set out to perform,” explains Norenberg.

The Benefits?

Executive Ownership can be put to use at organizations that are onboarding a new executive member or team, in such a case, this growth program can be a real tableau to allow those top-level heads to come together and work toward the achievement of business goals. Another instance where Executive Ownershift can be used is when an organization that was once a leader in their specific marketplace may be seeing a decline in business and wants to adjust to the changes of the latest industry standards. During mergers between multiple enterprises, Executive Ownershift can be utilized to bring together management from the various firms to understand and select their best practices, enabling them to operate under a single roof that is both clear and compelling.

A Catalyst for Change

Having played a vital role advising and coaching, Dan Norenberg is authoring a book based on his personal experiences of the best practices organizations can deploy to build and retain a highly effective leadership team successfully. “I think the core message of this book, a collection of my experiences with over a hundred leadership teams, is that change, improvement and growth starts at the top, and not the bottom of the organization,” states Norenberg. As an author, Dan sees his book as a catalyst for deeper awareness and focused action for leadership team development programs at the top and then at the functional level of an organization.
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Dan Norenberg

Dan Norenberg

Munich, Germany

Dan Norenberg, Founder & CEO

Dan Norenberg enhances leadership quality and organizational efficiency via Executive Ownershift ®, his innovative development method for executive teams. Dan's role as a trusted advisor, trainer, and the skilled speaker is to allow operational managers and their corporations to perform at their best. Dan's work begins with the executive management committee as they are the company's behavioral and efficiency measuring stick. It is crucial for leaders to see themselves as the starting point of change and growth when they want to improve their business continuity