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Gary Burnison, CEO, Korn FerryGary Burnison, CEO
In the current market scenario where businesses are aiming to automate workflows and achieve higher productivity within tight deadlines, human effort still continues to be one of the significant pillars of an organisation. Be it challenges in terms of diversity and inclusion, gender pay gap, undertaking mergers and acquisitions, or sales force efficiency, human intervention is necessary in order to ensure fool-proof execution of projects. Treading on similar lines, Korn Ferry is synchronizing strategy and talent in an ambitious bid to empower companies with the ability to attain a competitive edge in the market. Led by Gary Burnison as the CEO, the team at Korn Ferry knows what exactly it takes to drive excellent performance levels throughout an organisation.

Playing it big in the leadership development space since 1969, Korn Ferry specialises in aligning the right talent with organisational strategies. Helping companies unleash the true potential of their employees, Korn Ferry enables businesses to achieve improved performance. That said, the company also bridges the gap between the existing talents and the candidates fit for a specific job role, at all levels of a business. “Korn Ferry has years of expertise in sculpting the traits of new-age leaders through tried and tested strategies and integrated rewards programmes,” states Burnison. The company has rewards data for around 20 million people working in 25,000 companies across 110 countries.

In order to help companies unleash the full potential of their employees, Korn Ferry offers its range of products, each of which solves organisational, talent acquisition, leadership development, assessment and succession, and rewards and benefits challenges.
Korn Ferry Listen provides organisational surveys to disseminate the latest thinking and benchmarks among businesses. On the other hand, Korn Ferry Perform allows firms to build their talent pool according to their strategic priorities. Korn Ferry Select offers a consistent approach to implementation procedures, while Korn Ferry Assess facilitates an integrated manner of recruiting and managing the right talent.

Apart from these efficient products, Korn Ferry also offers KF Recruit, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled automated sourcing technology that researches pools of potential candidates before the recruiting process. Similarly, based on AI is KF Direct, which is a hiring automation technology enabling a smarter and faster hiring process.

Korn Ferry’s reward programmes include Korn Ferry Pay and Korn Ferry Total Rewards, which help clients build reward programs for attracting and retaining talent, make strategic business decisions, thereby maximize the ROI from their pay programs. Korn Ferry Advance is a personalized career accelerator that puts modern leaders in control of their future success.

Gleaning insights from people databases around the globe, Korn Ferry orchestrates the industry best practices that guide firms to perform better. Starting from culture change, talent acquisition, and leadership development to people strategy and reward, the team’s award-winning assessment tools eliminate guesswork and bias when it comes to making talent decisions. “Our robust work measurement methodology ensures organizations offer equal pay for equal work,” comments Burnison. Korn Ferry provides access to wide talent pools, which helps clients to hire candidates devoid of any bias regarding role design, recruitment processes, and reward practices. This further creates a unique and lucrative employee value propositions that appeal to diverse groups.

Besides, Korn Ferry’s dedicated transaction and transformation practice make way for best-in-class analytics and transactional technology, which promotes a noticeable increase in successful transactions. “By identifying the gaps between candidates of different cultures, we help our clients to structure a roadmap for achieving a go-forward culture in the workplace. Also, we facilitate the realization of synergy, strategy implementation, and growth targets by developing a governance model,” concludes Burnison.
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Korn Ferry

Barcelona, Spain

Gary Burnison, CEO

As a global organizational consulting firm, Korn Ferry helps in synchronizing strategy and driving superior performance for the clients. They work with clients to design their organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities. They also help them to hire the right people and advise them on how to reward, develop, and motivate their workforce. Korn Ferry helps the professionals to navigate and advance their careers. They can offer five core solutions, which are the organizational strategy, assessment and succession, talent acquisition, leadership development, and rewards and benefits