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Stephanie Corking, People Director & Co-owner, Laws of AttractionStephanie Corking, People Director & Co-owner
“The relationships you create in business have the power to define you as leaders, and so we focus on the art of building them,” states Stephanie Corking, People Director at Laws of Attraction. “When we started Laws of Attraction, it was founded on the belief that relationships are the heartbeat of every successful business, and at the heart of every successful relationship is communication, and this starts with the relationship that the leader has with themself.” The company believes that leadership development should allow individuals to increase self-awareness, build trust and develop their personal leadership brand that ultimately results in improved communication and better-quality relationships and overall organisational success. LOA work with the leaders and managers in organisations to create role models; leaders who embrace and embody the company vision and values and inspire those around them.

Relationship science is the axis around which all the services of LOA revolve, be it leadership development programmes, coaching and mentoring or the development of the company’s feedback technology platform – Vibe. Stephanie comments, “Our blended approach of using image-based psychology with sophisticated big data insights are first to the market. We start by diagnosing the culture of the organisation, which allows us to engage at all levels of the business, so we can take them on a journey. By using the feedback from conversations with a cross-section of key stakeholders and undertaking online and face to face diagnostic surveys, we engage with them upfront to really understand them individually and as a group. Thereafter, we can take them on a journey that they will really engage with. We also understand the leadership behaviours by using our Vibe 360 feedback platform. This allows us to co-create and tailor our leadership intervention, so it is the right fit for your organisation.” Stephanie goes on to say, “In my experience of working with leaders across many different sectors, cultural transformation is a shift that can take place throughout an entire organisation or within individual departments and teams. However, it requires changing the hearts, minds, and behaviours of the leaders and employees to support the desired culture, and to do this those leaders need to understand how their leadership behaviours impact on the culture, and ultimately on their team’s performance.”

So how do Laws of Attraction inspire leaders to be role models and lead cultural change? “It typically starts with a 360-feedback survey,” comments Stephanie. Vibe 360 is an innovative feedback tool that enhances the leader’s self-awareness, in line with your company strategy, department objectives and personal goals. The Vibe 360 platform is fully customisable; LOA co-create your survey questions with you, based on the pillars and competencies that an organisation feels are important to its culture and values.

Deep insights into the key themes and topics are then presented in the Vibe 360 Executive Report, which is a benchmarkable overview of the leaders’ behaviours and capabilities.
Strategic objectives based on the feedback scores are presented, which ensure that development gaps are uncovered, strengths are identified and celebrated, and a collective commitment to behavioural change is implemented to improve the relationship.

The relationships you create in business have the power to define you as leaders, and so we focus on the art of building them

There’s also a Vibe 360 board assessment tool available that ensures the direction from the top is in line with company culture and values, and that the leadership behaviours are role modelled throughout the whole of an organisation.

On the action front, Laws of Attraction conduct coaching and training sessions that are fun and relaxed and help to build cross-functional relationships by sharing personal development needs and best practice ways of overcoming leadership hurdles. “Our workshops help delegates to understand their current leadership behaviours and management habits and how these fit with the company culture. In my experience, it’s this follow up consultancy when we work with leaders to support them to write their personal action plans and subsequent coaching interventions that help them on their transformational journey, and where we really see the cultural change,” affirms Stephanie. There are also workshops, coaching conversations and one to one support offered to the line managers of the delegates so that they understand their internal role and the on-the-job coaching element to behavioural change.

As with most leadership training companies, LOA have moved their offering to a more integrated learning approach following the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The leadership programs are supported by a learning app to be used alongside online masterclasses, workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions. This blended approach ensures that all content is housed in one place, with the opportunity for delegates to comment, build cross-functional relationships and share third party content, research and videos relating to the modules.

Stephanie told us, “Any online communications we create and convey, must not only attract attention but must also be unforgettable, otherwise, the activity represents a loss of investment. We apply our Relationship Memory Process© to everything we create for our clients.” This unique process is based on psychological research of how memory works, and its premise is a simple one: everything delivered is based upon the ultimate objective of enhancing relationships through memorable communications.

‘It is vital that we support and grow our team’s varied skills and our agreement with Laws of Attraction. It will see us explore new ways to get the very best from our incredible talent pool. It will ensure that our management are at the very top of their game in terms of understanding their teams. The bespoke plans Laws of Attraction have produced are designed to ensure the growth and development of all staff via strong knowledge of what makes them tick.’ Sean Brennan, MD – Zenimax Media Inc.

Laws of Attraction are looking at new horizons and expanding their product offer in the next few months. Stephanie explains, “We have some great new products coming to market, a HR function assessment that allows us to measure the HR functionality and the relationship HR has with the leaders in the business. It’s an exciting time for employee engagement and leadership and having the big data at our fingertips to support new programmes is advantageous to ensure that our clients get the return on investment.”
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Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction

London, London

Stephanie Corking, People Director & Co-owner

Laws of Attraction is a management consultancy that specialises in inspiring leaders to increase engagement and improve organisational performance through forging strong, healthy relationships with the people they work with. The company use a blend of cutting-edge technology, traditional research methods and psychological analysis to reveal what people really think and feel. That insight becomes the fuel that drives positive organisational change via leadership development programmes and creative communication campaigns