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Shauna Moran, Founder, Operate RemoteShauna Moran, Founder The novel coronavirus has become one of the biggest threats to the already “sluggish” global economy, affecting industries across the board. However, economists and enterprises alike are now homing in on the idea of remote working. Over the last three months, an increasing number of working professionals and organization in across industries have transitioned to online workplaces. This has not helped only many companies sustain their businesses in a falling market, but the output is helping to protect U.S. government tax revenue from a total collapse. However, the sudden shift into a new working environment brings forth a new set of challenges for business, at a time when there is no room for mistakes.

Remote working is still a new concept, which means leaders aren’t fully equipped to transfer their people management abilities into virtual environments. Often, the success of a remote team is the sole responsibility of the leadership team, which leads to trial and errors in managing teams alongside business processes, and a waste of resources. Organizations have challenges with communication, culture and processes, which result in a decrease in team performance and eventually, employee turnover. All of which, sooner or later, reflect poorly on the businesses’ bottom line.

“The main challenge for leaders today is on how they adapt their skills, characteristics, and effectiveness across a rapidly changing, multi-generational workforce to engage and retain the best talent. Leaders today are managing multi-cultural teams, often in a distributed way, which means they need to adopt strategies for communicating, coaching and empowering their teams and employees remotely,” says Shauna Moran, the founder of Operate Remote.

My clients find they not only save time by having a more resourceful team, but their team is much more engaged, innovative and motivated

“As many businesses have been forced to adopt remote working policies and environments, they need to realize that there is no room for mistakes. So my focus is on working with organizations, leaders, and distributed teams to maximize their opportunities and overcome their challenges when it comes to remote working.”

By combining years of leadership and remote team management experience with academic research in distributed working and neuroscience, Shauna is on a mission to empower SaaS, technology and agency companies and leaders to create a productive, emotionally-healthy, effective and engaged workforces, regardless of the locations that they can scale well into the future, with confidence.

She founded Operate Remote in 2017 to challenge “old mindsets” and nurturing a new philosophy in organizations through learning and awareness that supports an organization’s goals. With a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence, the company helps leaders grow in both their professional and personal lives. Operate Remote works with companies around the mindset shift that needs to happen when they work remotely, and help them create strategies and processes that will serve their remote team as they continue to scale. With that, companies can quickly achieve increased productivity, performance, profitability, and overall better team morale.

Typically, Shauna works with leaders of remote teams in a 1-1 and team coaching environment to help them to define their roles within the business and help them leverage their emotional intelligence skills while identifying blind-spots that are no longer serving them. This not only solves the problems that are present in the teams today but future-proofs their business as they continue to hire remotely. Operate Remote educates and coaches its clients to leverage “coaching” in their leadership style to unlock potential and deliver the highest level of performance.

“As coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes, my clients find they not only save time by having a more resourceful team, but their team is much more engaged, innovative and motivated,” says Shauna. This also helps leaders really redefine the relationship between their organizations and employees by transforming the company’s culture. Moran highlights that with a coaching leadership style, the culture of an organization begins to change. The hierarchy gives way to partnership and collaboration, blame gives way to honest evaluation and learning, external motivations are replaced by self-motivation, and the short-term fire-fighting reactions become strategic thinking.

With an academic background in psychology and innovation management, Shauna has dedicated her entire working life to constant research. The drive to learn and stay curious has enabled her to extensively research what makes teams, remote organizations, and leaders successful. “I truly believe that businesses today should be holistic as the workforce today is collectively seeking satisfaction higher up the hierarchy to include meaning and purpose. Our passion at Operate Remote will always be helping business owners and teams understand their definitions of success, finding ultimate fulfillment and purpose in their work, and unlocking their potential to maximize performance,” she concludes.
- Aaron Pierce
    May 14, 2020
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Operate Remote

Operate Remote

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Shauna Moran, Founder

Operate Remote works with organizations and individuals to maximize their opportunities and overcome their challenges when it comes to remote working. The company works with businesses and individuals to implement and maintain a positive and effective remote working model. Additionally, they clients with remote working best practices and policies. Through coaching, consulting and workshops, Operate Remote work with companies that want to begin working remotely or have a remote working policy in place and are experiencing challenges